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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democracy versus Free markets

Remember when I asked you to ask yourselves why you didn't want global warming to be true? Your reply below hits the nail on the head. Of course your logic is reversed. You assume global warming is a grand conspiracy to impose more socialist rules.

Of course its not a grand conspiracy . Its fully factually documented in our best science journals. The truth of global warming that you hate is that it implies that your simplified view of the world is off base. The belief that free market capitalism always works best when unregulated is bunkum. The reality of global warming reveals that an unbridled system could ultimately result its own destruction. Capitalism...the free market has no answer or self correction to things like climate change. Regulation and planning are needed. That doesn't mean people proposing regulation or planning are socialist or communist only that they are realist. The fact is that a truly unfettered free market system is completely incompatible with democracy. True democracy will never allow for the "true free-markets" the conservatives envision. We will always have a mixed economy and the sooner the neocons realize that the sooner we can come together to promote real democratic solutions while encouraging a fair and "free market".


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