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Saturday, November 07, 2009


Here's the bottom line on climate change.

During our lifetimes... at least for most of us. We will see a transition away from fossil fuels to renewables. It will be a result in large part from planning for the future and using markets to get to the desired result. Free thinking , forward thinking people with more then self interest and short-sighted stubbornness will be the authors. Ideologues will have little input but to slow the process and do the bidding of the corporate oligarchs to maintain their preferred status quo. Thus the process will not occur directed on the basis of markets alone. It's impossible that it could. It will occur via pushes from democratically powered people and their NGO's. It will occur from the obvious implication of publicly funded research and the solutions will in many cases come from the same. It will be people and policy and market directed.

The new growth in technology will spur NOT destroy the global markets. And the "horror of all horrors"... people will no longer be the mindless zombie-bots standing at gas station with no choice but to fill their cars with atmosphere destroying chemicals. They will not be adding pollution to the air for their children to breath. They will not be enslaved to the monopoly of war promoting companies needing the government to secure their products. Nor will they be owned by nor dependent on the local utility company monopoly. They will in fact generate their own energy as it falls on or blows in the air past their houses. It will be liberating NOT enslaving as things exist with current corporate oligarchs.

This is the world to come that hammers one more nail into the useless rigid thinking of the market supremacy ideologues. It will be the result of pragmatist and free thinkers unencumbered by oversimplified black and white group think of how simple the complex world should be.


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