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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free trade except for the murdering part.

"But it IS freer trade, better than not-freer trade."

Yeah as long as not TOO many people are murdered for opposing "Free" Trade. Because then as long as the number murdered is low enough then we can assume the dictators and the CEO's and the bought politicians have come to make a reasonable and fair agreement??

Don .. your position is bizarre... these agreements are made between bought government officials and super wealthy people representing the interest of multinational corporations NOT the interest of workers or consumers.

Either you stand for liberty or you don't... I personally do not think liberty is something that can be compromised in trade negotiations that lopsidedly represent the interest of the powerful and the wealthy.

In theory and principle you are supposed to be a libertarian in practice and the real world ( which you seem to put secondary to theory) you are NOT.


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