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Saturday, December 01, 2012



No, that is wrong. Spending increases do NOT explain the debt. THEY JUST DON'T. That is a fact. Most of it is from the Reagan and Bush Tax cuts and the ongoing recession. Remember we HASD a surplus projected to pay off the debt and Alan Greenspan said we couldn't let that happen. We need to focus on getting people back to work. To do that we need to understand why corporate profits are at record levels and why corporations have $1.5 trillion dollars of excess capital and yet they are not investing or hiring. Don't you agree the system is broke if corporations can make record profits without hiring up? Our trade imbalance and tax incentives to offshore production are the biggest problem.... no wait the biggest problem is that our politicians are focusing on spending and not jobs. They are putting politics before the needs of people. The corporations are doing well with the stalemate. that is undeniable. The republicans are facilitating their corp
orate bosses. If you get people jobs welfare and unemployment spending goes down and taxes paid by new workers goes up and the problem is solved without telling your children they have to retire at 80 years of age. What is killing this country is the ignorance and apathy of both the voting people and the politicians they elect. Also, propaganda promoted by Republicans via their right wing media outlets has been very successful in deceiving people who never bother to listen to both sides. The economics profession is guilty of the most massive professional fraud ever foisted on civilization with their supply side doctrine. The economy runs on demand not supply. Get good middle class jobs and the economy will boom. But supply side economics benefits only those on top and that is why they promote it.


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