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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

True Believer Libertarians

"tax cuts for the rich"

Translation: "I, muirgoo, am wildly envious of anyone who has more money than I do."

Translation; " I , Mark, love paying taxes to bonus my Lord Llyod BlankF because my religion tells me that he does The Invisible Hand God's work. And I am a devout inculcated mind-be-numbed zoombie drone sheeple body-snatched brainwashed wanker dork tard retard tool lame poser brown-nose cheerleading faithful follower bitch wannabe ditto head conformist propagandized aggrandized impressionable child like concrete black and white group thinking lemming neocon Fox watching true believer Orwellian-like-character who stands on principles of liberty."

From Cafe Hayek



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