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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sim Society

OK so here are my back of the napkin calculations on my "Sim-Economy".


GDP $1,000,000,000

Population 50,000

Average wage $25,000

Employment 80% (40,000)

Unemployed 20% (10,000)

Work week 35 hours

Total Hour/week 1,400,000,000

Earnings of top 1% (400 people) 20% of GDP = $500,000 / year

Earnings of bottom 99% (39,600 people) 80% of GDP = $20,200

Earnings of unemployed (10,000 people) $0

Utopic Society after Muirgeo Adjustments;

Everyone works

Employment 100%

Work force 50,000

work week 30 hours

total hours 1,500,000 (increased 7%)

new GDP $1,100,000,000 (from increased work hours (7%)/less welfare/faster money flow/ greater overall demand ) up 10%

TOP 1% earn 10% of GDP = $275,000

bottom 99% 49,600 people = $19,960

Which economy... which society would you rather have? I think we should be working towards something like the latter and not assuming markets forces alone are better at deciding how we organize our society than thinking, rational, fair minded practical people. We are the bose... not the markets. We don't submit to the market gods... we are the masters. No gods no masters!
The market gods ARE the fictitious creations of the wealthy elite who like the bishops and clerics profit from the control of the status quo in which everyone is believing their religion. Submitting to it... defending it at their own expense. Stop submitting because most of you are in that 99%.


At 10:49 AM, June 11, 2010, Anonymous eno said...

"Everyone works. Employment 100%"

Good Lord, muirgeo! Bad enough that your figures imply child labor...and even infant labor. But no provision for the severely mentally handicapped or physical illness or the extremely aged?

How...illiberal of you.


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