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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trade and wages

"The dumbest thing of all is that even if you were tempted to agree with them, net exports have increased since the beginning of the crisis!"

And has the economy gotten worse or better?


It ain't great but neither is our trade imbalance.

I still can't figure out why people think we can continue to buy things without paying or trading other things we've made for them.

Reading old post makes it clear who understands the problem.



I will beat Don or anyone else here that our economy will not recover with out significant improvement of the trade imbalance.

It just won't short of a temporary appearance of improving with another bubble. But long term it won't.

Cut your taxes all you want.... we'll need to pay chinese wages and benefits and offer Chinese style regulation.... even then not many will consider the economy improved.

When wages and trade imbalance improves I WILL point it out to you along with the improving economy. When they don't I will point out the bad economy to you. All the suggested neoliberal trickle down supply treatments will amount to NOTHING... and I will point that out to you as well.

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