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Friday, March 10, 2006

Income inequality


The income of the top 0.1% of earners rose 181% over the last 30 years. The income of the top 0.01% of wage earners rose 497% and the income for earners at the top 10% rose only 34% in the same time frame. For low wage earners the rise in income is stagnant over the same time period or even falling. The poverty rate is increasing.

Mark answer this question. Do you think the reason all the increased income is going to the wealthiest people in our country is because ;

A) They are working harder.
B) They have concentrated power and wealth which allows them to benefit from the increased productivity of the average worker.

The discrepancies are growing under the policies of the current administration.

So basically you're bragging about the economy is simply a claim on your part stating . "I support Oligarchies".." I support almost ALL of the wealth produced by the American workers increased productivity being given to the richest elitist."

YOU think you are supporting free markets and democracy and that people like me are socialist. The truth is I'm a free market person and a supporter of democracy and you are a supporter of Plutocracy, unfair markets and monetary corruption of our democracy. Basically you support corporatism which is a principal tenet of fascism. SERIOUSLY...UNKOWNINGLY YOU ARE FAR CLOSER TO SUPPORTING FACISM THEN MOST LIBERALS ARE TO SUPPORTING SOCIALISM. Caps for emphasis...not shouting.
You think you're so brilliant and so commensensical but you are IN FACT are a dupe supporting the selling out of our democracy and of our markets.

Your platform is , "YES, I want to work a little harder, I want my wife to work a little harder, I want my kids to work harder, I want all of the working class to work harder so the rich can become richer without working one bit harder."

Does that really make sense to you? The numbers are undeniable the question is are you capable of such huge self denial?

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