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Monday, December 08, 2008

Policy Matters

Here's the main fact after 12 years of Republican rule we were in the mist of the Great Depression. After 12 years of Democratic rule we were out of it and we won a World War. Pretty much what we are seeing now is the result of Republican policy or lack there of. The results of massive tax cuts to the wealthy, careless spending and regulatory malaise. It's not a coincidence it a difference in policy. Now we get to re run the experiment in an even more Keynesian way and the results will be favorable to the ideas of good governance over laissez faire governance.

Bottom line is that policy matters and it matters dramatically. Funny how after 4 years of Carter everything in the economy was his fault. Now after 20 of 28 years of Republican dominance policy doesn't matter and laissez faire has a new definition.


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