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Monday, September 22, 2008

Of, by and for the people...

My bio is reproduced here to start off my blog. I am really interested in serious spirited debate. If you want to debate with me you'll have to be prepared to get to the nitty gritty and defend your positions with reason and facts NOT personal attacks.

As a former Reagan voter I now consider the Republican party to be morally, intellectually and pragmatically illegitimate. They, by their actions, are simply the party of the wealthy elite. Given unrestrained power they would concentrate power and wealth amongst fewer and fewer individuals until are country looks like the colonies prior to the revolution. The two party system is horrible as it pits citizens against citizens to the benefit of the party politicians, the party's bureaucracies and mostly to the benefit of people wealthy enough to be donors. We have become a country OF, FOR, and BY the Multinational corporations not OFF, BY and FOR the people. Reagan told us government was evil... but government always must be there and government OF, BY and FOR the people IS NOT EVIL!


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