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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rich people and taxes

We are paying massive taxes to support ALL government programs, war (defending the country) being the ONLY one that is directed by the Constitution. The rich get tax cuts because they pay the most taxes.

Posted by: VagaBond

No sorry we are NOT paying taxes to support ALL government programs. Have you not heard of the $8 Trillion dollars of debt we owe? Most of that comes from Republican Presidents.

The Republicans actually make you believe you are getting a tax cut when in fact they are just spending MORE and borrowing MORE and borrowing from your children.

They are cowards because the easiest thing to do to look good while you are in office is cut taxes and increase spending and leave the mess for future generations/presidents.

Even worse they actually are cutting into programs that people like (like our National parks) while the increased spending goes mostly to more corporate welfare.

Any true fiscal conservative should be outraged at their economic policies but insted I guess many of you believe you actually recieved a tax cut.

Hey here I got $50 dollars for each of you but you have to spend it at my friend Tony's restaraunt and you have to buy your Medicines from this guy I know.....oh yeah and your kids each owe me $100 .....great deal huh? You get $50 dollars. Who wants their $50 dollars?

Posted by: muirgeo

The rich get tax cuts because they pay the most taxes.

Posted by: VagaBond

No the rich get tax cuts because they control elections/democracy, they control politicians/policy, they control markets (last thing they want are fair markets) and they control suggestable people like you with their vast mass media empire and fiscal power.

Oh by the way they also pay more taxes because they get most of the salary. And they get most of the salary/wealth holdings for the same reasons I outlined above explaining why they get tax cuts.

And with all this to their advantage they actually are able to get the common impressionable man like yourself to run around and parrot phrases supporting their efforts. Saying things like, "The rich get tax cuts because they pay the most taxes." Man they ARE good.


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