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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Markets vs Democracy


Yes. Big government slows progress. You should be a conservative.

Posted by: Jack


You "wrote off" a very good post by Dave with this dismissive quip. You've disregarded major facts about Laissez Faire economies and Democracy. There is NO SUCH THING as a "free market". Markets require governments and the best form of government is democracy not a Corporatacry or Fascism. The last time true free markets existed we lived in caves. There IS something called democracy and in a democracy the people have a right to decide the rules of business....and corporations, CEO's and their money SHOULD not undermine Democracy. They should be subservient to it.

So do you think in a free market system the CEO's aren't gonna take advantage of profits they can make via government funded corporate welfare? Or will their honesty and integrity prevent them from doing so? Or do we have to democratically decide what limits we want on corporations and democratically decide the rules of business.

Because if you're telling me that We the People should not interfere with running of business in our country then you are telling me that reading the Economist and the WSJ has taught you NOTHING of democracy and free markets and dare I say fascism.

Don't you think it's the responsibility of WE THE PEOPLE to call for laws and policies that keep the markets fair and prevent corporate welfare?

Don't you understand that their is no such thing as free markets or Laissez Faire economies because such economies will always seek to find profits in governmental largess, government favors, government policy, government pork and government contracts?

Do you understand this is a major contradiction of modern conservative economic thought...that has just been clearly demonstrated by 6 years of conservative rule with resultant booming government spending, booming debts, booming corporate welfare and an economy on the brink because of these policies?

You're the one so well informed yet you tell us to be a conservative. Does that mean voting Democrat or Republican.
I know at least when we had a democratic President the budget was far more sane. Since we've had 6 years of Republicanism which has busted the budget to all extremes and given away yours and my tax dollars to war profiteers, the drug companies, the insurance industry and the oil companies and those profits had little to do with fair markets and a lot to do with undermining democracy.

Here's the question for you ....do you believe the economic system of Laissez Faire capitalism should be subservient to democracy of, by and for the people

You're right it 's not us against them...its a political system Democracy against an economic system that left to its own will clearly subvert Democracy.

So what's the WSJ say about all this?


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