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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bush vs the European Economy

From Ace of Spades blog;


On MSNBC, but from Britain's Financial Times.

The catch? They're calling Europe's economy "robust," because it's going to manage the stratospheric level of 2.7%. Two. Point. Seven. Whoo-hoo.

Oh -- it's expected to grow at that level this year. It hasn't done that yet.

Meanwhile, analysts predict a "soft landing" in the US of 2.5% growth. So -- 2.7% for Europe is "robust" growth, whereas growth of .2% less is a "soft landing" for the US?

Doesn't that mean the US's growth was much more robust these past few years?

Couple of things you all might want to consider when comparing Europe's economy with Bush's

When Bush took over $1 US dollar bought $1.15 worth of European goods. Now it buys $0.75.


Next consider that the European population growth is stable of even declining and still they had a good GDP. Then considering our population growth our GDP per capita is probably less then their's.


Also you might want to consider we have the Highest Gini index of any developed nation.

What that means is you middle class conservatives aren't making anymore in spite of our GDP and increased productivity. It's all going to your masters that control your every thought and make you get excited about the GDP number.


Then you might want to consider the average European takes 6-8 weeks of vacation a year. How much time off do you all get? Ever notice who uses our National Parks??? The Europeans.

America likewise has the highest poverty rate of all the developed nations....So much so some are wondering if they should still refer to us as a developed nation or simply an extension of Mexico. They keep getting the Peso and the Dollar confused because they can get some many of each with one Euro.

Further every single European has full time health care coverage and they generally live longer healthier lives then us Americans.

Finally almost all of our growth was financed through a combination of public and private debt. So in effect Bush has given you a credit card with a $30,000 limit and said here have fun. You said YIPPEE!!! Then he said you do know its maxed out and collecting interest. And you said YIPPEE that's OK I'll let my kids pay it off.

Oh and one more thing...this has been the weakest recovery market in 50 years....


Oh and another thing;


Oh and this;


I think I'm done....

No wait...this;







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