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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smaller Government

"Make government smaller..." Russ

Do you have a plan how to do that? Because in the real world that matters. Just saying it sounds good but we are talking about the real world.

Do you think the home builders lobby is going to be OK losing the mortgage deduction?

Do you think the health insurers lobbyist will allow for their anti-trust protections to expire or the deductibility of their plans to be removed?

Do you think all corporations are ready to give up their government granted charters?

Do you have any idea how we should set up our currency system?

Do you think losing the government patent office is going to happen easily?

Do you think the military contractors lobbyist are going to allow us to draw down military spending?

Do you really think the BP's the Enron and the Goldman Sachs will be better with less regulation?

Do you have a plan to compete with all these corporate lobbyist and their tons of money buying off elections and policy? I'd sure like to hear it.

With all due respect I really don't think you've given much thought into the details of how we achieve a "smaller government" in the real world... even if you convinced more people it was a good idea.

And the fact is people do not want a smaller government. They want a government that represents them and is responsible to them. That's really the only choice here. A government that IS us or a government of the powerful elites... which is what all of history has been until we achieved government of,by and for the people.

The fantasy is IMO from your side of the debate thinking it's possible to have a small government that won't some how get captured by wealth and power. But you guys have convinced enough people that smaller government is the way even though it is a fantasy not practically achieved or stable if achieved for a moment.The end result will just be concentrated power of the military industrial corporate complex ( yes he did have corporate in his draft) . Because of that fantasy your children and mine will grow up in a much poorer America and that true satisfaction you talk about will be lost in endless toil making the world comfortable for an elite few while the rest work longer and longer hours and more and more stressful lives. We've seen that happen over the last 40 years IMO. With the massive improvements in productivity we should ALL be prospering... living lives of leisure working 20-30 hours a week. But instead we allow for concentrations of power and wealth.... a direct result of letting the reigns of government power be transfered from the people to the powerful and now the future is grim... our children will get to pick up the fight and if they fail they may well find themselves the new serfs of the modern libertarian "experiment" as all property and means of production is captured by an elite few.


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