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Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Loan Request to the Federal Reserve Board

Dr Mr or Mrs or Ms. Federal Reserve Board Person,

Can I please borrow about $20,000 dollars at the discount rate? I need to buy a new car and I understand the banks are supposed to lend me money for this purpose but I'd rather go directly through the Federal Reserve because the banks are charging much higher rates then you guys. Please send me an application for a loan or any other necessary paper work to make this happen. Or if I have to be a depository institution please send me the proper paper work so I can apply to become one. I have lots of friends that need loans too and if I can get money at the prime rate then I could help them out. If this works out I am thinking that maybe I will borrow more and quit my reguar job. It's very hard making a living doing something actually productive now a days and it looks like they are having such a good time on Wall Street re-investing the free money you guys give them.

I really think your program needs to open up to all citizens so we can all make money re-investing the cheap or free money you have. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. I plan to tell all my internet friends about the great deals you guys offer so they can apply for some cheap or free money too.... I really think this will help out the rest of the middle class economy because it seems to be working so well for Wall Street Banks and other banks you work with. Again thanks for everything. You're doing God's work.

Thanks George Balella

PS Tell Ben I said Hi!


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