A Blank Spot on the Map

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Espresso filled rage at idiocy from cpurick


If doing noting is good for the economy how come after 12 years of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover we had unemployment rates of 24% and GDP's of NEGATIVE 10%. Then, you lying sack of rewritten history, THEN 10 years after FDR gets elected unemployment is down to 4.7% with GDP's in the POSITIVE 10% range. 12 years after he's elected we have the most powerful nation and the only one who could help sway the tied of the World War. HOW COULD THAT BE?!?!?

You are the one who is lying. You turn reality on its head. 4% is worse then 24% and -10% is more the + 10%. USEFUL IDIOT???? ...look in the fricking mirror you self-deluding nutcake.

HOW COME? Answer the fricking question you boneheaded nit-wit. Why is 24% unemployment better then 4%.

Don't even think you have anything on me you little cretin.

Wow! That was some good espresso.....

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Brotio the Union Hater

OK lets debate unions and employee free choice act. First I would say that as I understand it card check does not necessarily get rid of secret ballots.

My second point and question to you is that I support the right of workers to unionize. Do you?

Friday, January 02, 2009

dg lesvic open wide

dg lesvic your presumed logic doesn't hold up to facts.

When taxes have been more progressive the lowest income people see their incomes rise more then when taxes are less progressive. Further the economy as a whole has done better in times of more progressive taxation. Your theory based on "logic" does not have a factual basis and is not supported by historical evidence. But conservatives as yourself have been taught from too many years of listening to right wing propaganda that something can seem to be made true if you simply repeat it over and over enough.